((_((__TW history)πŸ“š)))


U got it perfect man that makes it easier​:grin::beers::grinning:


And the war begins this is for nepal


14213933-ancient-city-of-petra-built-in-jordanterritory bank

Shall we try meet agian at 5 pm mst and do you request a crutch


Meet a new camper ,but not even good at it …

I will take one of his territory


I will take his territory near this one which i mentioned before


im on now


Lol i guess that is me then didnt realize haha i changed my icon hopefully that will make it less confusing


Wats a good time for you? i will meet u to make it easier when is your next available time please give your time zone


at 20:00 BRT


Im here now


ok hoild on


Brt oh ok thats 4 pm my time


Centurion has sucessfully defended Tingis



Oh, so that is you? Dang it, i left the match for like 30 seconds because my teacher walked around the classroom, hahaha


You were invisible though


I will give u a rematch when u get home for this spaciic 1



I will join you too, Centurion


He is in your clan but not yet on board so it requires 3 to claim 1 territory of his clan mate that is on board but this could only Apply if he wernt in your clan or you didnt belong to T.R.R b if you were to get 3 off him he is still in your clan so it would make it void by default i will put him on board later i will replace an unactive players territory with him