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Dont mind this cry baby crini, He used to play he quit cause i once played a 3hr battle using his way (rununing)any time u attack he hated it :grin:. he is famous for this tactic. He got mad cause i said lets set a 40 min cap to a battle wich is long enough and fair every battle i would get into with this guy were always no less then 25 min of chasing him around literally. Post every battle against this Fucking guy hes a cry baby and u deserves every screenshot u get Idk why he gets so dumb about losing everyone loses hes just a crybaby post them anyway he says he dont care about this game yet he views the page :confounded: he wants to play he just wants to run till u give up and cause i said the cap will help in these cat and mouse games he would play. He accused me of tailering the rules but no one wants to chase anybody for 1hr who has the time even if you got it, theyโ€™d rather spend it in an actual battle, not a fuckin catch me if you can battle


Post Every screen u get of crini. Heโ€™s a shit talking quiting cry baby he deserves no sympathy. Make it a point to beat him on map he is a skilled elite player but as u see a SORE SORE loser he will :cry::cry: about any loss so just post them


Quit posting on my page scipio if ur bored of game ur filling my page with bs scipio if your not gonna play dont post here please


Crini why are you even looking on this page if u dont care about this game quit being a cry baby play the game and post a screen of a win against him and take his territory. Or dont look on here and walla! You will never see he posted and that =crini never :cry: simple as that outa sight outta mind. man up! Crini


White and tan beat crini


Why I keep coming checking out this thread is to see if you psycho cunt still insist posting results u of me u havent even been a part of, although I clearly said I give away all my territories on ur shit mapโ€ฆI lost it all why u keep posting u passive aggressive borderline psycho!?


Lol if u look at why i created map u have no obligation to play this, this map is for me but everyone is welcome to play i dont make up who wins or loses the actual battle does if i was making up who wins or loses then that would be crazy. But unfortunately for you i post screens of outcomes maybe if you woulda actually. Practiced battling insted of practising ur coward run tactics you wouldnt have to rely on opponant quiting u would actually beat them insted u perfected your tactic of cowardice and thats all you know your so scared to lose you makepeople hate u cause youโ€™d rather run for hours


Wellโ€ฆnow Im positive ur a sociopath


Sociopath crazy hmmm you use those words alot, makes me think you might be a little of those words that ooze outta ur mouth so frequently


There is no logic in what ur sayingโ€ฆA person call u idiot a thousand times, because u areโ€ฆthat doesnt necessarily make him an idiot! Do you understand?


Lol a person that gets called an idiot by others, and calls a person that isnโ€™t called an idiot, other then by the village idiot, makes me think the one always calling people idiots might just be one, do u understand!


Ohโ€ฆby the way u wrote that last thing you are actually making the wrong implication about yourselfโ€ฆotherwise it would make sence in way!


Ok play the game on here or quit crying i will keep posting on here players that arnt active on map if i see outcome not gonna change its fundamental to satisfy a player like u. What i do to keep it functioning is essantial even if no one plays the map is ultimatetly for me anyway its a plus if people play but not a nasseity i invented this as a purpose to campain like real life since. I like this game so much


Either get on board or get the fuck out the wayโ€‹:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


a loss to nox


Iโ€™ll surrender my territory to metal since I did not meet him in battle.



dont count but



The Dude advances. The dude enjoyed playing these games with you guys and especially playing with Crini - I owe you a revenge, you fought hard bro it was tight

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