((_((__TW history)📚)))


Oh you’re talking about witnessed battle read it in (this is the basics of the game)
It expains it look for witnessed battle


Didnt u forget to post a screen?? U post all screens right…as I said I can donate all my lands…but u insisted u post everything…even others battles!?


Lol was talkin shit to nox was fired up n i forgot but u notice i put dont count under ur screen of the victory against u but i will ACKNOWLEDGE TO ALL THE WORLD CRINI BEAT CENTURION 1 TIME YESTERDAY . there you can get ur acknowledge i dont care about losing this is alljust a game that i love but still a game


I dont give a shit…ur choice of screen was interesting thats all! More surprised if anything…how u missed it!


I’m fine with still playing you for the territory if you care to organize a battle.



More conquests under the carpet


Ok, no more idleness, may the blades of the Date cull our enemies like grass


Vs me


U just got rekt


Rematch there will be… I played from my phone today hahaha… But you look excited, one min after we ended and already posted :crazy_face:


As you looked pretty easy to beat… Perhaps that’s why you were afraid and run away before the rematch?


@El-Duderino are you interested to fight @Cavan2605 on behaf of the ARF???


I’ll do that on anybody ‘s behalf but first on my carpets’ behalf. Coz he left some urine on it



Please post screenshots at the Warrior’s Bank.


why not in our graveyard???


The graveyard is for ARF victories. It will be easier to manage screenshots posted into the Bank, but I think all clans should have the option to post their victories at their own spaces.


yes sir


Nah my ipad had 12%


These ones :point_up: