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Yes i explained it up top its all figrative its ment to be played even if im the only 1 playing but any1 can play even if for example, you watched there match to the end and you posted the match with that screen of victor it will change them on the map, a real fake world scenerio even though there not playn there territories will change, based on that battle its my version of samurai wars world and it only changes based on real live matches its my own campain mode :grin::grinning:its ment percisly for the point if people dont play it still functions as long as im active, my own solution to people not replying and meeting up on right times, but its more intresting the more people post screens changing map or (territory) if you beat all in one country or major area and make an effort to control certain areas its like real life scenerios, you me and blue character have already changed map even if you didnt play and i did it will be a track keeper of who i beat :grinning: or matches i seen


Had to use my melon thinking up this game. I needed a solution to people not replying but still be in the lobby even if i would challenge people wouldnโ€™t reply then started clan they all become or were good players and consistant players now i need a world for us to conquer Iโ€™ve filled map with all ranks to make possible for anyone to gain territory but also elites to provide higher ranks with challenge


Many are scared to suffer a loss which is only shameful if you donโ€™t practice to get better i suffered many losses its how i got better sometimes some1 is just better at that time you must watch there tactics learn them and make it your goal to beat certain player practice And watch good players mimic there tactics there formation dont be afraid to lose as long as you give a good battle people will respect your effort


Update Feb 26th 11am mst

New changes

1.must post screenshot in the same day not right away but within the day and ONLY will count those in this page to avoid confustion and others can check here if some1 has posted a territory screen against them.

All matches are open to any changes if both agree to terms, such as best of 3 for 1 territory exst. Must have screen showing both agreeing to terms

Ifsomeone can prove they were heavy glitching. Pings at the bottom left,will have high numbers or no ping proving glitch disqualifying territory but you must allow rematch

All players issued challenges if replied and have a day set on battle. All the battles fought between each are more of practice for the challenged, no screens are alowed of spacific player being challenged unless agreed upon by both open game on everyone else

5.allowed 3 days to reply too Challenge if not you forfeit you territory. low ranks can ask for clutch up to 4 units when challenged by a high rank to make it even


Update mon, Feb 26th 11am mst

  1. Put the dude on map had his logo but no territory fixed it he now has 19 Crini conquerd one territory on the lower river of the sibierian people

Minor adjustments feb27 12am mst , put in horse representing conqueres noticed missing (not an update)


Should I fight with a runner ??to waste my time and efforts when I know he will start run like a coward in the ending after knowing he canโ€™t won and I have to chase him for hours lol


I should be available 10:00 to 11:30 pm central time every day this week except for Monday and Wednesday. On Monday and Wednesday I will probably be available 10:30 to 11:30 pm central time.


Bro i was sayn i couldnโ€™t see your logo on bottom one it crashed one me couldnโ€™t get screen thats why my men routed with so many men so if its cool Iโ€™ll give u 1 but if you want both i dont have screen your choice


Ya sure is were the fuck is nox when you need him๐Ÿ˜€


Nox Only man Iโ€™ve seen with the patience to chase your :dancer: ass its a bitch to deal with you dacing tacticโ€‹:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: no hard feelings just stating facts no excuses just reasons.


Ya like i always say its always easier to defend then attack

defend- flee from attacker Keep running till they quit or gain so much space by running to fire engage no enemy while fleeing

Attacking-chase opponant stop his attack find better turrain as chasing hult range to fire, keep range from staying to far behind try to cut him off to prevent him from fleeing prevent the little attack thats happing while chasing.

To do what you do is not hard but who playes this game to chase people were here to battle not that your tactic isnt usefull but to much is no battle at all



Hell naw you finalized unseen avatar situation by saying my choice i said i would give you option u gave it to me thats the end of that . Under that post you said from now on Exst.you made your decision, normally ide say sure man but you set your own rules against yourself plus you refused my reasonable terms :grinning: (still cool wit you no hard feelings) so fuck that shit enemies onlyโ€‹:blush::grin:


Your taking rome im taking mongolia! Northern xiongun the heartof it


Why dont I have any teritory in mongolia :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Cause u got it took you gotta hold your territories by winning there aint no pitty land to give you must earn it


my most laborโ€™s match ever played almost 3 hours of nothing only to finish the same way as a 2 min battleโ€‹:relieved::relieved::relieved::cry::cry::joy::cold_sweat:


:disappointed::confused::cry::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: Crini throwing tantrums :slight_smile::slight_smile::grinning::grinning: jk man donโ€™t be hurt bro itโ€™s just your tactics drive me crazy. I couldnโ€™t give in i had to show you how people feel on the offensive side of your tactics now you got a taste of your own tactics and you flipped out. Next time people get :persevere::cold_sweat::weary::triumph::dizzy_face::scream::angry::angry::angry: with you do to your tactics you can understand there pain, your tactics are brutle to attack and are mentally frustrating now you see are pain. I broke you like you broke so many with your tactics


I didnt flip outโ€ฆn I have never done what u did! Enjoy ur gameโ€ฆ


Battles i witnessed that change the world of SW. John wick lost 1 to fooly but gained 1 territory from V.H.S.C jj