((_((__TW history)πŸ“š)))


Starting from where? I just have my phone now so I will have to count them tomorrow.


Click on bookmark it will take u to it everything under the post


All of it???


All 385 posts?


Lol no look within 10 days lol like 20 posts or more in it only non map players all map players represent territory




:bank: :bank:



As of now on all screens are to be posted in WORRIOR BANK only, to count as currency or territory. Here you will see your territory on map you can ask questions on rules or game here Warrio bank should only have destination request. to avoid confusion on updates we will keep worrior bank clear so you can also keep track of people posting to claim land or keep up with economy


Cent I quit cuz of players like that the game got to boring cuz of that that’s the truth plus microing on this game on a small phone is hard as hell


@ Flick_Missile El discrimination is TRR he is part of our alliance


I don’t but I like to talk to you guys


El Dudorino sorry Auto correct


Can I still post if I want to




Danasoto is also TRR


Trash ur post please


El discrimination hahaha :joy:


Well, since you kinda stopped playing the game TRR hasn’t been the same man…

AND so The dude was neutrality from the river banks of Geneva with his Swedish fiancee…suddenly a groupuscule of rebels kidnapped his girl and left some ice cream on his s.neakers.

That was yesterday. Since then the dude is another dude



The dude is expanding rapidly here are your options you can post and leave blank or contiously choose a state to conquer there have been times you coulda conquered state territory but left blank so you got a road territory by default non specifiied location s go on road owning land territory =1gold per logo. Each uupdate