((_((__TW history)๐Ÿ“š)))


Oooookayy for my last 2 victories I will take the green / white positions in leptis magna and Mauritaniaโ€ฆthanks!




(Update) new map from now on i will try to update after every post i will try to but there will be no narritive only color of arrows represnting you
All clan members screens will go to there clan unless they specify there gonna play as indipendent


I would like the heel of italy



That player isnโ€™t in that area or on map you can purchase land there 13 gold by adding screens of non map players. Which this will count as currency because heโ€™s not on map



Lets go Taranto, Italy


Technically the heel itself in italy


Lets ally



H.S.C and DATE CLAN are alies
And T.R.R and T.A.C all affiliates or factions are part of A.R.F if this is not so any A.R.F. can deny this and have merge undone


Advancement of H.S.C. in the name of dane soto this is a state territory so 1gold will be awarded to Dane Soto every day 5 days from this post as long as he continues to hold this territory




POTUS NOMETUS top left corner giving me a state territory



Centurion is to be awarded 1gold in 5 days time for the land territory in portus nometus in the top left corner





Krim was added to gothons top right map and in attila middle right map/ also Danesoto conquering road territory near dalmatia in the name of H.S.C. screen was loaded in Warrior Bank but should be poted here it was against whte and brown logo




For Ravenna