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Before centurion defeated me twice lol


The Dude has made major advances in the road and has enough roads to put a tower to defend his turf…H.S.C has made progress in the number of states they own due to the commander Danesoto and Centurion. Mkkb has made some advancements in the road and can also place a tower choking off territory behind.




For Dalmatian in the middle of map


I got your back if you need it


Sorry to pollute ur thread here! But a famous quote: β€œWhenever I attack I lose” - camper lord Danesoto! And after we took revenge, he spent more energy avoiding than in battle! Im just a bit…disapointed…thats all!


I dont camp, it is a military tactic to wait for an enemy to strike. First of all, I am better at defensive than offensive


Also, it still worked against you


Be disappointed of yourself


Did u put a poster of this in ur livingroom aswell…because its allover the place in the game forum!?


Nah, I only placed this in the rooms where you challenge me


Since Centurion has been kind enough to post some of my losses here, I cant resist to return the favour!




the blue for the road neisus, white and tan for dacia. nox took rome


for territory naissus




Nox has defeated the commander Centurion of H.S.C. in a back to back battles for rome H.S.C. will fight there way back to there rightfull place mark my words. The dude has also made a road advancements.


14213933-ancient-city-of-petra-built-in-jordan this is the map advances
7gold pieces in 5 days from this post for 1gold dacia 1gold fot dalmatia and 5gold pieced for nesiusus gold deposite


I will make it up to you Centurion, I will battle Nox for Rome