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Bonjour !!
This game sounds fun!!!
How can I join?




For neisseus



games guys! 4 : 2 for the Dude Vs Guderian in an intense series! Guderian is definitely a better defender (/ camper :kissing_heart:) than offender!!!



For territories and dineros, hombres!!!


Hahaha, I experimented on offense strategies but it failed


Then join ARF while I’m gone


Dont reply on this page its not for conversation scipio


No hard feelings man ! I’m more of an indie kinda guy and enjoy playing all clans. Having said that I must admit my personal values are closer to centurion’s Hsc (I don’t know enough about Arf but these are cool folks too having played Noremac a couple times )


how about me ???:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


U a great dude 2 flick’s :sunglasses: been a while we played together ain’t it?



White / brown dude which I beat in duo kicked my ass in solo, will revenge :sunglasses:


Jus want to take the opportunity to share a beautifull poem from my childhood

Аз съм българче и силна
майка мене е родила;
с хубости, блага обилна
мойта родина е мила.

Аз съм българче. Обичам
наште планини зелени,
българин да се наричам -
първа радост е за мене.

Аз съм българче свободно,
в край свободен аз живея,
всичко българско и родно
любя, тача и милея.

Аз съм българче и расна
в дни велики, в славно време,
син съм на земя прекрасна,
син съм на юнашко племе.


And a beautifull piece of art to acompany





April 29