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I Forgot the dude defeated grey pattern winning a road territory.

And the war proceedes with the dude owning major roads in africa bottom of map
H.S.C looking to stratigy to get next to key territories after being ran out of rome and it is building its empire to take back what is rightfully are home
H.S.C is using stratigy to get next to key territories after being ran out of rome and it is
re-building its empire to take back what is rightfully are home


For state territory DYRRACHIUM


[[[[[××××(((////Month of May state sale
in may all land territory of non active map player
will cost 5 gold\\)))×××]]]]]]


Lets take Pannonia, then Noricum, then Marcomanni


Thanks @Eric_alexder_theg8 your game is super cool!
Is it possible to please prioritize the conquest of neighboring territories over the random accumulation of road conquests ?
Whenever applicable I’d like to expand into the lands surrounding Africa consulatory pls, like cartago, leptis magna, cyrenaica…


Any ways to apply this instruction from my previously posted conquests pls? Also how can I spend my dineros! Gracias hombre😎

Below are the latest victories!!! Thanks



Sure since i already did these ones it would be a hassle to take them off and redo but from here on out i Defenatly will add any more you add to land territory till you say otherwise if you want a road territory put road under or above your screen


@El-Duderino currency can be spent by just requesting a structure check the war chest thread
Or worrior bank at the top of page for balance
State territory for month of may=5gold

Tower=15gold helps protect territory

Boat=35gold allows all regions near ocean to be open to conquer even if you have no logos next to it

Castles= 20gold. When in control of a full state castles can be purchesd threw request castles protect states locking them to enemies and can only be conquerd threw a cruch benefiting the castle owner


:+1: about those states


Due to slower progression of certain clans allies have been assigned to any unactive clans for the sake of healthy movement any battles i witness or lose to allies will aid in the expansion of these clans either in the direction of any map opponant they beat or states if there near them. They will start out at a choosen or at the exstra logo we got in biggining not in are main state and spread from there all my loses to there allies will spread an on board clan or player’s territory in my general direction .
Though White and tan asked to control Byzantine here he will spread from in the name of A.R.F the allies are non active members and are not aware of alliance

you will see there allies and who there teamed with by the logos they sit next to here

@Noremac @Kamikaze. @mbkkr

allies act as a member for there clans an allie vs another allie witnessed by me or anyone who post to thread with members in them, the territory will go to victor it will take the nearest road territory if enemy clan is not 2 logos next to them when a battle is witnessed the allie will get on map with its logo coverd by there allies logo even if they have territory anywhere they may only move threw the new combined logo’s area. A territory can still be conquerd by any clan when they become active even if there assigned allies all logos scatterd dont act as allies land only combined logos are considerd clans territories and can only advance from combined logos allies single logo dont act as clan territory.
These allies are in no way involved with these clans or the map this feature im using is only. Used on rather inactive clans inactive clans


Thanks man understand that. No sure how much money I got now, enough to build a tower?


Just want to share with ya’ll my route to work today…and a screenshot of our fantastic, maybe the best in the world…public transportation website! Behold…


Can I stay with you if I visit Stockholm?


I’ll play you for it. One victory = one night’s stay.


Wow Bob, are u planning a visit? Im sure we can arrange something!


I havent seen u online for a long time now…and I havent played u for ages aswell! Was kindo hoping for a clash soon…


And no Bob…we dont take money from guests!


Fascinating but pictures of your Swedish traveling companions (preferably well rounded female individuals with advantageous silhouettes) would be even more fascinating
BUT! Perhaps the above posting could be lodged into a new thread with a name tag of your choice (like "some hot chicks sitting next to me on my way to office at 9:32 am) and that would be :sparkles::100:


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