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White and tan has requested Byzantine choking off that road allies to Normacs A.R.F here his allie will start his conquest and spread from here to either direction depending on where the opponant sits on map A.R.F may also spread from here


A story summery of whats going on

A.R.F. has made advancement’s on the road extending to H.S.C.territory on the road to the south of there state and the introduction of the alliance of A.R.F and white and tan in Byzantium on the middle right of map

Every 5 days
2gold for Darmatia&Dyrrichrium


Update1 may3



Almighty you still TRR


Dammm scipio get off this thread u dont play


Two lost to grey


How did he know the tactics


I dont know it could have been coincidence but ive played him before and beat him but he must have gotten better or probly read forum idk i was just asking


Greece is in the Balkan peninsula aswell…wtf kind of map is this!?



This gray is a real cunt! First he wouldnt attack the island because Sun Tzu said so, then when I moved out in the open to have a fight he took the island and started camping…and at my exit point! Said I left Vienna and have lost the game…is this idiot your doing Centurion! How could you lose to him…gees…did some one range tactics shoot n run off! Wtf…got him good anyway…“I got the bigger army bu huh huh buh” and quit when the shit hit the fan! Unbelieveble…What the fuck is this Vienna shit??Read the chat pls…its too much!

finnished his cav off in mele with my range…lol…two of them!


And the one before that one! How did you lose to him…TWICE!


For pannonia ,noricum and nemausus



For napoca


Centurion, you didnt update some parts


We were supposed to take Pannonia, Marcomanni, and Noricum


It wasn’t shown


There are some i didnt use that were ones where they quit and old logo ones