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Ah, sure


There are many cowards like him who scared to get defeated in their true identity







Two from Centurion


Are you saying ur gonna play territory wars or whats this for ???
I have u currently on as an allie to Mbkkr this screen will go to his expanstion but credited to you or if you want to officially be on board but the 15 min general rule applys if a enemy commander doesnt want to get into a long battle there is a target and an end it makes a game and task for both ends, for you you will have to protect general for them they will have to attack your general this is fair. In real warfar if you used these tactics they would forget chasing you and raid and pillage ur camp so thats this scenerio. If at 15 min both generals are alive then the army with most units wins. All void if apponant is known to also use your tactics or if opponant agrees to no 15 rule


Update2 may 6
5 state territories 4g+Au5g obtained by H.S.C in this update


All connecting arrows are current movements. All state territory gained by H.S C complied with the occupying neighbors state rule.
ALMIGHTY has enterd the world stage in SIRACI.

A way to make sure you get state territory is request it if its spacific or make me aware for all qualifying screens to go to states surounding state but i recommend stratigy to make the best of screens but if u dont wanna put to much thought into it i will just place you in the nearest state or road of the player you beat if you request expand states as priority in a post





Is this unknown player is also the part of territory Battle.? If yes then here is my claims


Idk wtf ur talking about…u can take ur rules n shuv em where the sun dont shine!


You have 4 territory moves at your disposal i will add to road territory if there is no response at today’s end @Noremac


All to available state or road territories surroundind darcia



Will claim one of shurdas territory south of my territorial control


Since ya’ll keep posting my losses on this:


The bottom one dont count i have dropped ping screen and your advancing Mbkkr territory as assigned ally. Since you didn’t want to activly play i made it were your victories advance his gains those loses i didnt really lose because i couldnt get a defeated screen cause i quit wasnt gonna chase but your more then welcome to post and advance Mkkbr territory


You count everything you win…And I remember you saying that when the avatar is not seen, it doesnt count! Didnt you say that?


Well, it technically is. If you dont see the avatar but you know who that guy is, then it is counted. Also, if ping drops, the game is not counted, it is unjust and unfair