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@Noremac you hve new territories i advise you to look at the territories you have they can be extreamly valuable to your finances as far as state revenue Au and Ag states of mine they are in your stratigic distance of territory please inform me by the map what if any sttates you want i am gonna update by the end of today




When u simply become a…simple administrator! Or shall we say “Rector provniciae”!a


Went back to old tactics but to no mas’s credit he didnt run like a bitch atleast didnt run outta engagement to far he did in first one but then engaged had me scared for a minute i was gonna have to chase.


I only run when I can kite the opponent to death…I dont run pointlessly! It amases me that you cannot tell the difference between the two! Its a no brainer…


So dont give me creds…
I would kite ur ass at any good given opportunity!



This is some old stuff, but just to explain the difference between pointless running and kiting an opponent to death…since u dont seem to get it!

  1. This is you for example is you Centurion doing completely pointless running (from two instances):

  1. And this is me kiting somebody to death, with the purpose of winning:

Now if you cannot understand the difference, well…plain and simple ur dum…but maybe ur just acting dum!




So which is it?


Nevermind which! Dum or acting dum (actually I think is something inbetween), I take ur thumbs up as u understand what am trying to explain to u! So hopefully u’ll stop writing dum and senceless shit! Its never too late to get a grip Centurion!


On the other hand…hope might be lost for you!


Is it? I don’t think so


Do you understand the difference stated above? Because your shugardaddy didnt have anything good to say…and even withdrew his cringy reply! That much sence he had at least!


Lol im trying to clear my shit your just a whole lotta talk and in battle a whole lotta
:running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::running_man:jk have fun im bored arguing over bs it was fun maybe if i get in the mood to talk shit ill indulge you​:clap::clap::tada::+1::smile::grin::joy::joy::grinning::flushed::grin::joy::yum::facepunch::fist::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::dash::-1::facepunch::facepunch::wave::clap::open_hands::point_up_2::pray::joy::joy:


I didnt start argue over this bullshit! It was ur crying and bitching and complaining…Starting shit u cannot finnish when confronted by the real! Calling ppl names because u lose 5 in a row! Mellow urself down punk…mellow urself down!


claim road territory in centurions direction


There is 2 players that currently obstruct your way to my territories A.R.F that are holding the territories in Byzantium cutting off all territories in either direction and almighty to the northeast of your territory your territory against H.S.C will accumulate along the roads and territories near Byzantium till u defeat A.R.F. for Byzantium making u the controller of this stratigic spot or buy a boat. Allowing u to get close to my territories crini has gotten you next to Byzantium by way of alliance i assigned when u were more inactive


Ooh, looks like we have a new contender


The ARF will (try to) defeat everyone in our way and seize control af all of the territory’s in our way to full victory