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I doubt that


Update3 may12
@mbkkr @ALMIGHTY2.0 @Noremac @chikacrni


The # on the lines represents the amount of land territory conquerd. Crini has Entered the stage to the far top right of the map all his previous screens go to mbkkr as he was his assigned ally but No Mas has posted enough to be active all the previous logos can still be claimed from him but to conquer his active territory all rules apply if crini wants territory his old logo is in he can fight white and tan a player =to him


Fixed the map.missed to attach arrow and add the amount to the red line changed from 9 to 10 forgot to mark a few of my territories 1state territory in Reitia

5days time
H.S.C-10 gold Dane2+Cent8
Mbkkr-5gold AUstate



What the


First photo, the one beside the city of Pisae
Second photo, the one that is northeast of the region of Nemausus
Third photo, also the one beside the city of Pisae
Fourth photo, The one at the Northeast of the region Noricum
Fifth photo, The one at the left of the region Lugdunensis
Sixth photo, the one at the right side of the region, Narbonensis


For the fourth photo, this is what happened


Oh yeah, I forgot, the fourth photo I mentioned was the fifth and the fourth photo was the one for Southeast of the region Aquitania


Ok, scrap the seventh then, they quitted while we were attacking, hahaha


I mean sixth, scrap the sixth


The seventh is all right


This has my interest, how do I get started?


@Tyrannical just start


by posting screenshots on your own name or you can join a clan (like the ARF) and advance their territorys


Many thanks.


Ask @Eric_alexder_theg8 to invite you to the rules of the game


β€œLike ARF” just giving an example hey!? lol