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I lost a 1 territory to the great one


True u dont just sit there you slightly engage i would prefer you would just sit there like i did atleast there would be a fixed position to attack but if i were to attack you the simalier way you attacked me you would fall back creating a longer game i let u attack and stood my ground if you overwhelmed and won ide gladly take that loss. Not to say your tactics wont get you a victory but at a good games cost meaning you got a victory but the battle was laborโ€™s and long


I didnt break you, you cried about my terms which were fair, you took off all your territory post off cause i said we need a rule for this atleast a cap time for matches or first to kill general wins or somthing my solution to this delema even before this situation, that was to get a challenge with terms but you cant play the fleeing and time game so you say its unfair and stupid this tactic which is your only advantage over me now before we were even but for some reason you choose to master a technique not worthy of your skill set you used to actually battle now you kite leading to long games eventually a victory but your skill in other fieldโ€™s has diminished. I understand your tactics but donโ€™t respect themโ€‹:grin::grin::grin:


I will enjoy my game very much it works and fuctions as long as i play a sort of visual score keeper of my wins and loses and matches i witness or any1 for that matter that wants to play witnesses a game or post there own battles or battles they seen the victorys of. every1 is welcome to play even u crini๐Ÿ˜€, if i see matches u win or lose i will post screen for territoy representing a real. Battle for territory the victorious conquers


Ur full of itโ€ฆ




I witnessd this match , one for nox


Foolys part in mongolia hand it over

. And also crinis


Fooly you got it but metal no, only what you post on this page i will count. No old screens only within day or close to 24 hours


One i witnessed fooly lost to purple /

Centurion lost to fooly


Scipio i need to know were u want ur territory at in mongolia not sure were ur location u want is name the bigger name around it


You on


Witnessed Almighty won against the great1 radom tarritory will see on new update map coming later today


Updated march 2 4:58 am mst
(Tap and hold picture open in new tab to see better) im in biggining phase of game so rules may be added but will not add if not needed

Territory Bank

Nox won 1 territory (cant see name) in he took to the sea and invaded Hetrament on( bottem left top map)and conqerd it from Crini


A voctory in ians name victory over Centurion


Witnessed -Crini won over white

Witnessed Fooly won 1 over purple

Centurion won 1 over purple

White won one over centurion

Centurion won over blue and white

Crini won 1 from centurion (didnt get screen but acknowledging it)


Sup you on


This counts as two centurion lost 2 matches but only got 1 screen


Since we cannot even choose to not participate (since ur a sick fuck), u can at least be honest and post everythingโ€ฆhe witnessed I beat white! U dirty scrubโ€ฆu witnessed urself losing twice yesterday, wheres thatโ€ฆonce in just about under 3 min and the second time u quit like biach when u realised where it was going! Arent u gona post screens from that? That makes it 6-2 in my favour in ur punk ass game, in which by the way I cannot even choose to not participate u twisted piece of garbage! Lymg and creatng rules as he goesโ€ฆur more corrupt than a texas pig!


Hay texas cops arnt corupt and you guys are just starting to take the damn game to serios