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These are bob_the_shogun unregisterd logo
I claim napoca and naisses AU/AG states




Smart movement all state territory priority


Im gonna update today so get ur screens in


Since H.S.C. Had been splitted into two, I guess that this will count


When did it split by the way itโ€™s me Scipio


as me to the map cent


Who is this? Again! :frowning:๏ธ Again! :persevere:! AGAIN! :confounded: AGAAAIN! :triumph::rage:


Split into two!?! My Goood! What happened? Did ur master fail you or did u fail your master!?


Non of those players are on map you need players on map to qualify on territory map you can send these to worrior bank as currency. The blue one is on the map post it here to claim your territory


Update4 may,21


12 state territories owned by HSC.
10 are states 2 of those 10, are AU AG states worth 5Gold each.

Mbkkr got a territory of purple to left due to ARF blocking the road to me in Byzantium chocking off both of us

A total of 18Gold
danesoto 4gold
in 5 days time

Centurion has 2 blue screenshots lost to no logo in range ARF &The Dude block the roads to his direction cutting me off to the west of Rome and count a win towards Mbkkr due to forgeting it will go unclaimed

Red square on lines means state territory


Update4 also forgot to add Portus Nomnetus top left


I Centurion buy a boat -30 gold shall be deducted from my war chest account from state revenue. Boat =ability to conquer any territory 2 logos near any shore line and the ability to conquer territories not connected to mainland


I hold territory next to Moesia to allow me to buy a boat


For the state at the upper northwest corner
Isca Dumnoniourum

I claim His territory in Novo Carthigo to the west of rome these are both AU or AG states

Using my boat to access and get in range of both


Do I have territories!? Who the hell gave me territories? I thought I gave them away long tome ago! Can I give them to charity? Can I give them to somebody!? We are brigands, nomadsโ€ฆwe dont keep landโ€ฆwe just burn itโ€ฆ


I posted once or twiceโ€ฆwe have had like sixty battles in the mean timeโ€ฆand I post mine on my thread


do u keep giving new just so u can post hereโ€ฆ?


Not to mention losses I have to the dude danesoto mkbrrโ€ฆall posten here


And how many have I posted here twoโ€ฆthree!?