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Ah…forget it…I have made a bit more than two…but I cant have many left, can I? Conquer freely…


Heiberni top left corner

Durocortorum northwest
nova Carthago
Baetica left of rome& Londinium northwest


First picture, for Narbo, in the northeast of Spain and South of France
Second Picture, for the south east of Suebi, near kamikaze
Third picture, I will use a boat to go to Britannia in the Northwest of the map to get the AU there
Fourth photo, I will move to the Northwest of the Gothones under Kamikaze
Fifth photo, to the south of the sitones under No Mas Shurda


The 3rd territory purple in Britannia is a road territory and not a state so it has no state revenue


Lol, ok, how do i get the Gold deposit there then?


Administrator, player, rulemaker…see any problems in a person being all of the above!?


No I was just raising awareness of the corruption here…and by the way I donate all my lands to Guderian!





Been busy in life was not active here from a long time ,from today I will be more active here let’s fight😎




Two from Centurion


I thought the right was not gonna count



Dude is back :sunglasses::facepunch:



Hey dude how u been all above ur screen’s against purple will have to be moved to worrior bank i dont think normac counts these in this thread. There is one 3rd from the top tan and white is on the map all the rest arnt


Crini , Cent said to post this, I am gonna make a ship to got to Brittania, the Ag in Brittania


Im going to update in 2 days so get your screens in


Had more but they didn’t went through… anyways…