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Scent of rebellion crini?



Post these at the Warrior Bank. I don’t think Centurion counts victories against β€œplayers” here.


What i count victories just not non map players. Non map players act as currency on your thread players on map act as territory advancments


Augusta Emerita AU territory bottem left


I will purchase the
last state territory in Naissus for 35 gold and a castle
castle for 20gold placed in Naissus

Total 55 gold 20 from worrior bank the rest from war chest
will see changes on next round
@Danesoto @TheHorseLord @ALMIGHTY2.0 @Noremac can you deduct 20 gold from my worrior account and 35 from state income in worrior bank @El-Duderino @mbkkr



close to center of map left to rome


Two AU territories in Augustas Emerita


Hear is my clan logo you asked for







Need stronger players here!!!


How does this work?
(I’ll read top of forum later)


read first :wink::wink:


T-T so long


Ok so I just read this so correct me if I’m wrong so you ask to place yourself/clan on the map somewhere than you attack one of the clans on map to get land?