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Basically. You gain territory by fighting other people on the map.


And how to fight with these people


It says you ask them on this and if they don’t respond in 3 day you take their land


I challenge who is having toletum in the bottom of spain


. . . . . . Middle of the spain toletum


East of spain ceaser augusta


I feel like the map isn’t updated is it? The only map I see on here is the 1 in the first post.


@El-Duderino your encroachment into Spain shall no longer go unnoticed. ARF demands that you relinquesh your holdings in Spain or meet us on the battlefield!


Bonjour :guardswoman: can France participate in its defense?


Are you on the map?


Non…so how can I free Her from these evil forces?


Fight with the mercenary allyance and help us conquer all the lands


can anybody send me updated map of the world plz…


@El-Duderino come in the lobby i will battle u for the south of spain


Update 5 june 18
Haitikhan has joind ARF you expanded to the roads wes of the place you requested due to it already being owned by the clan you joined.

Dude requested a all his wins go to state territory first if its available near any of his already expanded territory
Centurion purchased last state needed in Naissus-to the right of rome- and placed a castle for fortification and complete controle. Any enemy wanting to battle for any territory in this state will have to be fought at a crutch of 4 units of 4 rounds for the amount of players in i conquerd in the state originaly.
35 gold to be awarded every 10 days for full control

In 5 days from this post

Centurion= 5gold+20 for 4 AU states
Dane=5gold for 1 AU state
The Duderino= 6 gold



If you seek a type of campaign mode to this game or an economic game. If you plan on playing frequently you can ask for a state to grow an empire or if you dont play alot but do a decent amount of playing you can join a clan or allyyourself with one and help grow theres just post a request to join.

The point of the game is to conquer the full map whether by force diplomacy with allies or buying it by way of screenshots loaded in 1 of 2 places. You will see the advancements with your logo next to conquerd territory with arrows of certain colores representing individuals state colores also a square of soldiers over the conquerd army advancements


Cent you didn’t add my clan


@Hakaishin @Sullyman

The ARF challenges you for your lands in Spain.

@El-Duderino, and @Nox seem to be inactive so we will take their lands unless they respond.


El duderino is active nox may not be but i can battle in his place