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Update 5.
july ,6
@El-Duderino to be awarded
3gold of state income




The leader of the clan ARF Noremac

and the warlord El-Duderino have rose to the heat of battle due to the proximity of each commander there can be only 1 ruler in the world of kings. Commander Noremac declared a challenge to the ruler of all Africa El-Duderino the king stepped from his campain where he was camped at Venedi there he marched his army to the nearest state ARF held territory to the west in the city of Marcomanni. They rose to battle in the battlefield
220px-Afrimilcavalryversusinfantry planes2 the battle field seems to suggest that Noremac (1) took the lower ground and El-Duderino (2) took the power position on the hill with the forest as cover. (3) it seems normac took all his losses in on the flat turrain, (TIP)it would have been wise to use a loop tactic to a power position on the flank or the side with the least uneven turrain with a hill to pepper the enemy to allow a softening of the enemy infantry and herass the range with cav but either way Noremac sufferd the loss. Noremac gatherd new forces and and stood at the door step of Tarraconensis there main state at the plains 1 where El-Duderino took the center hill that is a good counter for a frontal or left assult but Noremac knows the hill’s weakness to the left were Normac has the cover of the forest and high turrain he can simply pick at his range and draw out his enemies infantry to be sofened and deliver the final blow with a charge or was charged and having fresh infantry outmatched Duderino’s infantry although this is all assumtion judging the terrain and battlefield, Duderino reaturned with a vengence in 2 battles pushing into the main state of ARF he took the hill in both defeating Noremac he will recieve 3gold in state revenue each 5 days from this post .


Sure when are you on




Can I play for France?



@GeneralNapoleon I will write you in, you would actually be starting france from the gothones or gauls. In real life france was being formed from tribes in gual that is currently being held by your friend @TheHorseLord that would be your true home the birth of france started in that very territory at the time of this map so be sure to post screenshots here to count as advancements but i will start you in the sitonnes crini territory i will give you it i will replace with you logo or any logo u want send it to me
Other players
Although some have been inactive this game is built to last years or days depending on how aggresive players play but when its visible players arnt coming back will and have been replaced


The gauls are in France


Magnifique ! Thank you very much Alexandre the Great!


Niiiiice maaaan :sunglasses:


I will be selling territory. I will shift to assassin/mercenary style rather then conquer my Centurions will expand there territory at will though and i because of unmatched skill will use my skills to aid my conquest of gold i will sell my sevices to friend and foe if the gold weighs heavy
I will rule with influence and power of the purse from castles i win i will need land in all coners of the empire so i will get my territory by friendship or force i will plot a castle in all conersof all empires but i will.take no more i welcome all challenges as friendly but i will give you a battle of skill and strenghth good luck to all my challenges. Be weiry your general he may my find the bones of fallen generals. That failed there quest


Saaaad man!!!




Thanks for the great work you do for for our samourai community man! You are our Daimyo!!!


I will buy your land in epyrus and macadonia and could I also buy crete it isnt even owned


What does the map look like.


This is current map if you scroll to the history you will see the advancements made this is more current each color arrow represents differant players the arrows with boxes represent state territory wich =state income


Which one is ARF