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Green is ARF, would u like ur logo on the map when u conquer




Hay I got 4 citys in Sicily you didnt add them and can i buy your land in macadonia and pyrus


I beat you for them remember


Ya thats not official update sure


Oh OK and could you add some land for my clan in scythia


I want 2 of Napoleons land


Lyerr your screen captures are fake. 1st one I left because of glitches… 2nd I didn’t even start because of the glitches again. I did win many times against you. But I didn’t take screenshots


Petit idiot :guardswoman:


I have many wins but not from players on the map. How to conquer France?


Lyer? lol I have only battled you 3 times dipshit @chikacrni look at this guy lol


The one in the middle wont count only the one where the battles are clear


For you or the scum that calls himself Napoleon if it’s Napoleons screen shot he left he just left and he calls me a cheater


Napoleon even though he quit it was at the start


@GeneralNapoleon @TheHorseLord the second screen dont count but the first does but you arnt in a state next to him or within 2 logo’s but the next win you are in range to push into napoleons territory


I dont own macedonia and pyrus @Danesoto owns those territories a formitable opponant the last time i played him


Oh OK than can I have Crete and Rome


Update6 july 14
Scipio to be paid =2 gold. 5 days from this post



Napoleon a man of short stature but with great influence among his people they crowned him king of the sittones he has enterd the relm to the north east in the forest of were the forest is thickest. war is breaking out between the tribes to the south of napoleon territorry ownd by TheHorseLord AKA Scipio
the comannder Scipio leader of the RMG who has shown great improvment in the disiplin of his army and the manuavers in which he uses. Scipio has made advancements in the island of sicily in a back to back battle with Centurion as stand in for the Date Clan as allies defeating him twice, scipio struck with great skill a surprise to the commander Centurion it seems it finally clicked for him effectivelly using the tactic cover fire in a charge, were he charges and as his infantry move in and range are in fire range they hault range to lay cover fire for infantry using this he won two territories in Scily were Centurion let him use his boat to reach the territory but only this once and also waved the GENERAL RULE as a PRIZE for a skillfull battle faught. Scipio also struck a feud with commander Napoleon and a battle was fought on the road between the two commanders territory and made an advancement to his direction though the two logo rule stoped further advancment into his territory. Scipio has made advancements in the island of sicily

The Sittones territory formily owned by the commander chikacrini who has sank to the forgoten pages of SW forum history. A great khan that lost his will to fight and turned from all the forum Empire where great battled and feuds of empires are phisiclly shown in map changes and melted away into the steps of Asia of the once ruled kingdom he boosterd


Update6 july 14