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Can we challenge someone to aww 2v1 or 2v2


If all players agree you can do any thing and play for any amount of territory or $


@mbkkr @Danesoto are you still active if not i will be replacing your territory




here is a newer map with current random players added i replaced some territory owned by logged off logo’s that i havent seen in awile but left some incase they become active

I also added @One_Man_Army on the map a few which ARF already owened just not by an active player
@Noremac @Flick_Missile

@MisukiChosokabe and his clan have been added in the center east of the map the dark green there territory borders mine but have no fear i have no desire to own your lands. A boat arrived by the hundreds, a tribe of worriors with swords and strange armor with the intent to conquer they took Roxloni with a storm. MisukiChosokabe and his clan mate @Lotus_Platoon enterd the world stage coming from beyond the meditteranin sea some wisper there from deep beyond the steps past the earths edge

There have been no major territory changes minor and added players duderino, one man army, scipio and lotus platoon have split the date clan territory on the island of sicily
@Noremac @ALMIGHTY2.0 @TheHorseLord @El-Duderino


Can I get some land


Yes sir are u gonna fight solo from now on or are u gonna grow ARF??. Im also making a new map thats less clutterd and has farms and visable structures to conquer i will also be puting in a new system that accounts for inactiveness but im still working on it also in the future the screenshots you post must be battles fought and not battles were players quit if you kill most of there army atleast half and they quit those screens are exepted


Oh ok I normally do but that guy been acting like a coward


And I’m going solo


Ok sounds good, ya it sucks when people act like that


Hay cent could i make the map


No!!! He’s cheating I left because it was lagging just like the other game


You sound like a hater


??? What do you meen


Its the same map just cleaner. Its just the rules that will mainly be differant. You can help me update and change the logos on there if you want


Ok i will give you jerusalem you will. Recieve a castle on this new map all players playing territory wars will be switched to this map all starting with 1 castle locking your territory but this will be a game that to much inactivity leaves you open to invasion


Ill post rules soon


Where is new map and BTW could we use banners from my map


Did u download infinate painter??


Alright sounds good and he was talking about when we battled it was glitched only reason I posted this one is bc he quit during my attack I already fought his archers wit my cav