((_((__TW history)πŸ“š)))


Ya i dont consider crashes a win but your shady ass might and i have givin u credit 4 the one you won against me(with tactics i tought you )and also white idiot look at screens i regret everday for telling u my technique. I just thought it might make you actually face me and you won cause i didnt run away like ur b**** a** so your welcom. You had no problem playing me over and over when you were winning but you start LOSING andall the sudden you quite playing me with excuses and you used your unprofile pattern to battle me you f**** coward and i dont see everyfucken game to the end especially your long ass games u idiot i say that in game rules. You should be happy i actully post my losses i could be lying like i know you would probably do, your so f***** scared to lose it forces you to your fleeing tactcs (which we all know) and thats how you won those 1st times. This last one you won with my guidance and aid through my technique your welcom (dont bite the hand that feeds you techniques) u would lose all are face to face engagement evertime you running was your only advantage plus this is a GAME its ok if you LOSE if your losing exept your lose and dont flee and i aint gonna track all your long ass games you can post them yourself or dont :cry: your lucky i give you credit for any games at all since you run from every good player(lets see if you use what i taught 2 days ago from this post) against them insted of running I made this game to function without players specifically cause i knew you were gonna quit just like you did tournament cause your a bigg f**** :cry: :baby_symbol:and a sorry sore loser you rather resort to pussy tactics then exept a loss, you talkshit and criticise others when you do the same tactics and shit lol


How do I start am I given land or to I need to challenge someone


One for Centurion played with conditions first too losegeneral wins


One for centurion against tan


Going to update Tonight


Scipio is back!!!


Can I get land in Greece and what time will it be updated


Ya you can but if u can name the place exactly im not sure were it was in history this is a ancient map so names arnt modern im gonna update tonight i updated but the app i use crashed unsaved so it messed it up last nights update i was to busy and tired to do it all over sorry ill try tonight again sorry


To cent can I get Thebes in green and thespia


Your already on the board you gotta defeat those players in there or trade with someone


Update mar 7, 5am

   Territory Bank mar 7, 5am

Added T.R.R Sir jackson / ALL.bubbles are current movement you can track your previous movement by tracking the doted lines tracking your commander from bigging take control post screens and choose your own path by leavin destination on top of a victory screen of a player on board


U have completely lost all touch with reality…nothing strange, happens easily to people full of shit!


Saying β€œ U have COMPLETELY lost ALL touch with reality β€œ is redundant
Why did you put a comma there


Am suspecting ur shapeshifting looks smthng like this:


Long time no see no mas


Wht u talking about willisπŸ˜€ idk wtf your talking about but your text is strange. If your talking about the game i told you if you wanna post all the battles you see and fight then feel free to change the landscape of map but dont get mad if i only post the ones i see im not on all the time i pop in frequently but not on to observe all the matches that happen




1 for centurion against the Great One

One for Centurion against tankage 07

1 for Centurion. Against goose


White one over Centurion