((_((__TW history)πŸ“š)))


I have come to take this land from you low minded men~


Post you screens and start your quest, look forward to seeing you on the battle field :crossed_swords: there are plenty of these low minded men to defeat lol


Ya your one of them lolπŸ˜‚


Unfortunately​:grinning::grinning::+1::relieved: but fortunately i am, scipio we all are even you or someday when u get older lol


Update Teus march 4 8am


Update Teus, mar 13 8am

Made some logos smaller but in same area. Didnt put new people on but going too working on cleaning up map first


One for Centurion vs the great1 a best of 3 i won the 3-1





honestly I dont see why you added purple to this game he isn’t that good


He’s just learning. As easy as you beat him is how easily elites beat you. He is just in a learning phase i will fight in his name soon since he has lost alot of land. I put all skill sets so anyone can play


Plus you need land you have lost alot on top map


What land I have only battled you and crib plus I beat crib all the time if he didn’t keep :running_man: I would catch up most of the time now and the only elites are you nox TGO yakamoto but your elites don’t play very often plus TGO and Nox won’t play me for some reason why I don’t know


My loyal retainer has defeated fooly



Lord saturn
I challenge you to a best of one no archers for North hanashi in japan


(Updated)Mar, 24. 11pm

The Mercenary Army

Red are all old movments purple or gray lines are previous movements circles are current movements


I want to claim the gold (Au) and silver (Ag) deposits in Serbia.