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Here are two more to expand my horizons on Serbia.


I challenge @YamamotoKansuke2233 to a series of battles to take Montenegro and the rest of Serbia.


That wasn’t the territory match lmao


Well I generally don’t post my victories


I want to keep expanding around Serbia. Bosnia and Herzegovina are next. So I will also challenge @chief_faceless


I dont play this game, but this one is just so you know that Western Bulgaria and Macedonia will never be Serbia!


Don’t step on my carpet bro. … You posted episode 1, you may have forgotten episode 2


sinse we’re here may Duderino throw some balls in its friend’s backyard?


I’m not claiming any of your territory yet, bro. Let our victories go towards the strengthening of our nation’s. The kingdom of Serbia acknowledges you as a worthy foe.


Ahhh. I see that you do have some territory around Kosovo. We will have to do battle again!



Idk how this works


I will just take kosovo if i am right :kosovo:


This is literally the first time I am doing this


Normac how’s it going man man long time no see, the screens have to be of players on board to count can u please remove anyone not on board please so when i update i dont get confused. you can leave any T.R.R. screens not on board since they belong to a clan and will be on board eventually



That was episode one but there was an episode two and three


You took my Silver mine! The red Ag on the map.


Well TRR seems to be kicking my ass so far. Looks like I need to look for some reeinforcements.


Im currently updating been super busy this week