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Cent my screen shots will now have player 4244 my phone that had SCIPIO shut down so it hast to get fixed


As @Flick_Missile is the only active member of my clan I shall nominate him as second in command. The Advance Recon Force will be fighting for Serbia under this flag.


Not sure if serbia is on map but i will start u at siberian peoples but if u can let me know where its at i will change it next update


Update April, 2 Monday 5am

Map? help me ;-;
Advanced Recon Force (Recruiting!)


THE DUDE marched back to the Alans territory were he currently camps (forgot to put the. Victory against fooly above)
Added dane soto and normac sorry 4 delay i had put other t.r.r members but my app crashed deleting draft 2 times then i just left it due to time but will put in next


If anyone wants to update 4 me. if you enjoy doing cut n paste type of stuff i can give u my royal scribe position of H.S.C.affairs


Please can everyone give me only names on map. Not modern name of any state these map names are based in bc to ad era so names would be different or give a general area if not given a spacfic destination i will put u at nearest player territory u beat



No but it will be seprate as if you were.starting 2 campaigns in 2 continants if say 4 example you wanted a territory on bottem map then posted a spacific territory but didn’t give any other specific destination i will keep you moving on bottem map till you say otherwise


Can I take the territory the person has in Mauretania Ceasarienis then?


Can u give a general vasinity like bottem map left side or middle etc.


bottom left side of the bottom map


I can help you update.


No u dont have to i do just to keep things moving and intresting 4 me but its up to u


Crni didnt march anywhere u sick fuck…



Eric I haven’t seen any players lately so I haven’t been on can I post if I beat players who arnt playing I haven’t been on for 2 weeks cuz I got a new game


Serbia is across the sea to the west of Itally and just north of Masedonia. You did put me in that location. The part that I am most interested in are the gold and silver mines. They are labeled Au and Ag in red. I had challenged @chief_faceless and @YamamotoKansuke2233 without response so I should get their area.

@Danesoto beat me and took Kosovo which is the silver mine by Macedonia (marked Ag on the map).


Oh Ok will fix it 4 u next update


Correct about those challenges i didnt c yamamoto challenge yamamoto is H.S.C. so i will fight in his name. Give me a the time best 4 u im not available now cause im traveling but i can text