Unit commitment problems


I’m having problems protecting my archers because the cav will go thru any unit in its way if its focused on the archer units should be committed onece they entered and should only be sable to retreat were they ca me from instead of being able to run thru to the other aside and continue on…

Stopping units with your units

This should only be true for the Yari unit and half true for the Naginata unit. Yari unit should be able to stop any unit in it’s tracks, however the archer units have no close quarters combat ability. Cav can run through any ill equipped units, depending on the type of unit casualties will be dealt accordingly.





I’m having this problem with all mellee units


Yes… It’s just not designed to that standard yet. Like I said, it should be true. It is on Nik’s to-do list.



That’s y I placed it in development category


Yes, it’s on the to-do list.


Thx @nikodil