United Islands a new country


it dont matter it just means he has more peeps to use.


I’m not going to “go” anyway
Unless we have allies


We’ll defend our islands to the last man sir the 5th well always be loyal


How cai I join to your clan


Do you want to ?cause then you can


Yes of course I want !


And I am a good strategist too!


And of course I’ve defend our island too!


It would be my pleasure to kick all of your asses


Don’t underestimate us…


I am allied with you both so there will be no ass kicking if anything we will work together


Let’s power this on again


I shall join your clan if you can best me in combat!


Congrats guys we are the second active clan to hit 1 k views


Hold on what time period is this? I’m intrested in joining but I’m mainly sifting through medieval stuff.


time period is hinted American history but everybody has the Same units and the history isn’t to forced upon members


K, I’d like to to apply for the 9th army as a member of the Palm party.


Sorry about the wait on vacation ------ you can get the ninth army and the party system is just about personal preference but you can be a member


Cool, I accept :sunglasses:


Welcome Energy