United Islands a new country


So you in
#10 characters lims


You fuckers intimidated by my creativity? I’ll work with you unless you agree that it is more fun to be against me :smiling_imp:


Yeah cause it more fun to win


Well really what fun would it be to go against anyone? There is practically me and him versus what will likely be most of the dedicated community. In game I usually pull sandbox games rather than the extra laggy android multiplayerm though the android port version of sandbox mode is still okay, just don’t edit terrain or else it ends ugly because well it is…THAT LAGGY, once again- keyboard problems sorry


Him Noremac? Yeah let’s fight


If you will help me test some new side data features I hope will speed MP ping up, I’ll be glad to join in


How do


I’m running a ping cleaner alongside MP on SW and currently getting about 30FPS average…ona 2016 device with 2.5GB ram and an octocore snapdragon chip


2012 IPad mini handles better than that


The android version must be very uncompatable with lollipop5.1, I’m running world of tanks with 73FPS, and my 5s played SW 60FPS fluid, and WOT at 60FPS, so I know it isn’t my device strength, in fact it doesn’t respond to a click without thinking it is a long maybe three second press. So custom maps are dead for me and MP is choppy at best,