Units wont lock


Hey felix i paid for the host feature and its extreamly frustrating when in the middle of the battle my units wont lock it seems to happen when my main force engages and keeps happening when hosting a 3+player game


Down here is the lock working properly, it shows my units locking to attack. Above my units just stand close to there units and do nothing


It works properly on a 2vs2 but a 1vs1vs1+ players it happends often. It will work(locks on enemy) at first and then i fully engage and after a minute this will happen(units dont lock) please fix/patch this issuei paid for this feature for awhile and it would be unfortainate if i cant enjoy it for the duration i have it


Ok, I will try to a new build with a fix later today


Also it keeps dropping teamates and me out of a game usually when its more then +2 teamates, all the sudden they just mass rout theres no red light or black light signaling an exit there not even engaged with the enemy. You just see your whole army routs for no reason. Whats that about😯 is that a bugg


Does connection/drop in game play depend on whether they or i have 3g cdma or 4g lte, does that play a role in whether there game dropes(whole army routs unherrased) or is this strickly a bugg issue(code problem)that way i can inform players playing its an internet connection rather then a bug


The server keeps track of each players’ connection status. Some cellular connections may be more unstable than WiFi connections, with higher latency (ping) and risk of packet loss. Normally, even with an unstable connection, the status will internally be flagged only as “laggy” or “lossy”, but there’s a timeout of 15 seconds, if no packets have been received then the player will be marked as disconnected. Note that the red indicator means that the player exited the match by pressing the X button. If you close the app in the middle of a match, this is not detected by the server until the connection times out (sometimes you just briefly switch to another app and back again). I think this could be one reason for the “sudden route” issue, I’ll see if it’s possible to improve the indicator so it’s more apparent what’s going on.

If you’re getting dropped to the lobby in the middle of a match, that’s a bug for sure. It could be related to the bug that the players / spectators can control other players units. I’m still investigating these, they seem to be rare and hard to reproduce, so any information that could help would be very welcome.


Host a custom match then spectate a match you control green


ohhhh, yes, duh, I’m sooo slow, now I see what you mean


Thank you, maybe instead of it disconnecting them it just resets or gives more time to a loss package or simply makes them do the action over. I’ve been playing and for no reason it routed all my men i didn’t exit or switch app it just turner all blue units dark and they routed while still leaving me in the game.


Charge lock and controlling other players have been fixed in build 180806.2007.

OK, good to know, must be something with the connection status not updating properly.


Great ill update


How do you update


Join the beta for Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.openwar.samurai
For iOS beta PM me and I’ll add you to TestFlight.

The beta is getting stable enough to be released, I’ll do that soon. I think I’ve gotten the release process under control, and in the future I will be making releases on a more regular basis.


I dont know if this is a glitch or designed(newest update)that way, but in the forum i cant press back to go back to main page or previous thred you have to exit thred or press latest for it to go to main thread. Although the game play is great but it seems that players with 4g otc dont synce well a player said it gliches/crashes or wont move but it seems to work well with most not sure if its just his 4g otc or all otc i have 4g lte not sure if that matters.


It works fine with LTE it’s just slow sometimes