Useful units: tips


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I’m wondering…What is pike cav especially good for!? Because its weaker vs catana cav and gets easily stuck when you try to scrimmish with them…


apparently they r good for hit n run…n chasing down running enemies! Also better to attack from the flanks and rear they say! But getting stuck like that makes them a bit useless in the hit n run aswell, especially the run part! I could do without them to b honest!


I posted a few days ago u can use those screens…and today one of Almighty…


Read tips new people in this post were u see my logo


Hello all, i just joined today. I’m excited. But I’m curious: what is it that’s special about the general unit?


Moral it offers a small boost of moral but when your general routes your weaker units such as skinny spear and guns will also start to weaver and route there your General is also your strongest cav


Nice to no, thanks man


the best way to find out is to try


just play long enough and youl find out exactly what everything is about


Suppose that’s true, hope I get the hang of it!


You will keep units together if u insist on splitting units be sure to leave a guard to every range dont move the guard even if a cav or infantry attacks defend your range but dont persue them with guard keep your range guarded let other units not gurding give chase


Arange your troops into 2 lines
Cav Range Cav


Bait out your archers but leave some as reserves. Use your cav to take out the enemy cav, due to the games mechanics, the enemy cav cant fight 2 enemies at once


Start skirmishing with the enemies archers, however, you will lose the archer duel, take this time to kill the archers with your cav



Wipe out those infantry.
Like wheat :ear_of_rice: to a scythe they will fall.


A few tips


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