Vultblooop's Guidelines for making your own Faction *please read if you want a faction*


Join mi (it’s supposed to be spelled that way) its mägñïfīśæńt


Pm him then…


Take it somewhere else


Sorry man, he asked me here, and I responded, let’s just forget and stop arguing over petty details


(20 character limit)


Is anyone open to join


Tis me


Always Remembet Pars is the best nation and you should join Pars XD m8


Well Pars was invaded and rekt, and is under control of the Tseng Umardoloth Jayixthen Alliance
So no, dont join Pars lol


Yes because you invaded when our military leader Thruzan didn’t have his device to fight with so we didn’t even fight back


All right I guess I’ll suggest can’t you just take some of parses land and give the rest back


I don’t know the whole thing but World war 2 Germany it


Come join the start of s new role play of new nations. Will you become the strongest nations? All information in my topic in the forums


Persius this is not a spot where you advertise your own roleplay, it is where people who are part of Vultblooops roleplay to learn the rules