WAR OF CLANS scheduled tournament fights CLOSED


all below are the remnants of ths story if u wish to start or want to join a bracket leave a reply of intrest in any H.S.C post in forum i will begin to recruit others to participate but i WILL need time of availability to be on game and timzone to set up scheduled battles and ths wil require commitment so if you have no time or arnt good at stayn in touch please dont undertake a tournament bracket

matches will be posted here as soon as conformation of time is available for spectators to watch and choose the leader you want to fight for the upcoming fight will feature the leaders to establish rankings that will change every tournament week

time pending but its featuring the elites if u come across them in the battlefield u know these would be matches worth spectating join any1 of them and participate in upcoming brackets on weekends so join join join n be apart of the weeked events

the battle of the Centurion VS Hellios ended in 2 losses for the Centurion’s army . The Centurion came to the battle line of Hellios’s wide seemingly scatterd army in what would be a fatal mastake in a less seosond commander’s hand ,Hellios posted his archers to the cover of the forest to the right Centurion aproached with a tight formation, range units in the front being seasond avoides the range fromforest engaging with his own projectiles then the battled insued centurions army being cautious of the woods pulled army slightly back Hillios much more seasond units compacted Centurions army centurion posting his range to no avail. only to lose there will and weaver centurions army was then pulled apart torn to shreds Hillios pulled wat looked to be in disoray army compacted then routed Centurions remaining units




Centurion 0-2 vs Hillios 2-0


Wait how did I lose in the bracket, dnt follow u here! We’ve had about 20 battles lately…and centurion, to tell you the truth you won less than half of them…at most…I repeat…at most! Do u choose which are part of the tournament? Because u never said, “its a tournament battle now”!!! Damn


nah i sent u a whole bunch of post 4 time we all battle each other thats my battle with nox only thats just 2 update u on battle we had thn i gotta battle you thn bob you battle every1 then at end the 1 with most losses is eliminated then on to 3rd level then 2nd thn 1st which in my opinion is nox n bro i never said i was better then u if anything were on the same level ur probly the better but we have great battles n thats what i like were all elites nox is the best but i like that theres always the chance of winnin or lossing and thats wat bracket is 4 2 see were we rank we all lose exept maybe like 2 people I’ve never beat once thats nox n some mysterys green character and it say’s weekly tournament on title but schedule any time u wanna battle a scheduled battle but in advance so possible recruits join and it seperates other 20 battles we had ths one counts the schedule just means event that happend but if u guys gave me time or replyed we would have all been on schedule we hve 2 stick to a schedule so spectaters can watch plus i do to battles r intense


Hay centurion who will I battle


Hear are my battles with fooly



Im off this tournament clan shit…see ya’ll in battle!


was gonna srt u match but if ur off there no point so I’ll take u off bracket


its this uncle sam recruitment thing…not my thing




Won both games :metal:t4::martial_arts_uniform:


You’re a bitch dude foreals fuck this tournament the whole bunch of you are mediocre foreals

Peace bitches :fu:t4::skull:.

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Dude don’t get mad you little boy

Ps if you rewind our games you really shouldn’t be talking you are a noob at best

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Sorry that you thought you were waking up this game

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This shyt looks wack as fuck too man

Looks like something from Aladdin

You have no creative image on how this game and tournaments should be

Stick to every day matches with noob players

Leave the elite stuff to the REAL players

Run circles around your set up

Your set up is weak as fuck !!! Hahahahahaha

Expect no reply you are no longer in my sights :eye:


like i said b4 i aint got all the fuckn time in the world to practice ,little girl dropping out of tournament like a little bitch expected more from you but a shitty person is a shitty person


I’m still in it you bitch you and your ass licker friend are the people that want me out

I fucked you up and anyone else that wants to match

Funny how you wanna act like you a good or even a great player
you suck dude foreals
i was being nice in our first matches


ya if were not the elites y the fuck do i win most i repeat MOST of my battles i still lose im still learning and talking shit on ths post is the most creative thing u have ever done in ths whole fuckn time you been here i would gladly leave it to some1else to do set up matches and recruit match times set post and all i got 2 do is show up but i dont know if u noticed but NOBODY’S doing it so i can either wait for ur bitch ass to start one since acording to u were all noobs ur the only elite, or start my fuckn own and thatss what i did and ur stupid fuckn bee is the only shitty thing on here