WAR OF CLANS scheduled tournament fights CLOSED


nice !bitch i had u n u know it if i didnt send my cav to ur spear by accident i would fucckn mopped u up but unfortunately it didnt go that way and to say u run circles around me give me a fuckn year to play then say some shit about how i suck of course your gonna beat me its like elite soldiers fighting decent soldiers only because the others haven’t trained alot


maybe they do but dont speak 4 me i keep fuckn telling u give me time to set up i aint scared 2 lose cause i know ima get better you wont be undefeated 4 ever im here to stay and plan on beating ur ass everyday when i get better so fuckn plan on seing me every fuckn day


No one cares about that shyt dude get over yourself haha :fu:t4::santa:t3:



At this point you are making yourself look stupid calm down dude get some practice in

Then try to vs me :metal:t4:


Dude I didn’t even read ur post

Learn to put a sentence together then try to insult me hahahaha :eye:


r we in school or someshit am i being graded is ths a test in grammer class should i fix my run on sentences and add punctuation its a fuckn forum i dont give a sht about my spelling on here the shit im spelling gets my meaning across yah and im sure you didnt read it but yet here you are


im not talking to any1 else im talking to u


so… how do i join in??