War of the many Eagles ( back on business)


Ok cool




Srry lookin at the map


Ok take as much time advice you like


Dacia is avaliable?





5 copper




I set you up a new branch for this game. Once this game ends you can incorporate with the main economy somehow.


How does the bank qork for regular economy


My intent for the economy is to record transactions and create a kind of scoreboard.


So like something as if it was a chart of successful player/players


Sort of like that. Players also use the currency for the Territory Wars. You can make bets with it if you want.


Once this game is over the players will be able to keep the wealth they gained to use in the future.


Ok so its like gambling more or so


It’s just money with which there is currently little to do with.


Then they keep whatever they make and you track it ?


Yeah. If you post a screenshot here I will convert it to gold and keep track of it for you. Screenshots posted here will only be for currency within this game. If you post a screenshot in the Warrior’s Bank it can be used for Territory Wars.

Basically it’s a system to keep track of how many games we win.


Ok thays pretty cool