What happend to multiple unit movement feature


What happend to multiple unit movement feature please add


It’s there. Simply hold your finger on a unit to activate it.


Not on the newest update it was there on old 1


In the 170921.2048 build you should be able to tap and hold, or double-tap and hold, to select multiple units.

If you don’t get that working, let me know what the device and OS version you’re using.


Lg x power os marshmallow the buble pops up but i cant select others to move b4 i updated to latest i was able to multiple select and move i uninstalled and reinstaled samething


Micro movement seems to be effected the arrow extends then retracts without movement if its micro it does nothing but moves when arrow points to direction and shifts entire unit


Is there anyway i could get previous version be4 this latest update cause the previous one worked better on my phone