What is the point in clans, how do they work?


How does the whole “Clan” system work? Also, is the territory map in Feudal japan or somewhere else? I am very confused and though I am a good player in battle mode, I need some help, and Quick! Would appreciate any tips. Thanks.


So clans are basically not a real built up thing. They are based on like them making a thread of it here and then usually also make a discord for it. If you wish to join a clan, I would recommend you RMG and also recommend you to DM the owner.


Clans are so you can be part of a group of players who get together to do clan wars to train etc and to be The best clan


Absolutely no point in clans! Herd mentality for weak individuals!


Its I gues for friends who want to make a clan and also for clan wars


Well what you wrote doesn’t really contradict what I wrote…


Thx, but what’s the actual point of the territory map? How does it tie into the game, and the clan system?


Also, I have no idea what RMG is, but I think DM is direct message? I’m so hopeless SMH


RMG stands for Royal Mercenary Guard


Its my clan


Right I’d recommend you to Direct Message TheHorseLord and ask him if you can join his clan, the Royal Mercenary Guard.


Want to form a clan with me and my team we are making a new clan




a new one,other than the RMG?? sure, im in. where do i sign up?