What is the point of generals anyway?


What is the point of generals? When I kill the enemy’s general or mine dies, moral doesn’t seem to really change. Is there anything about the general I don’t know?


I definitely changes. On time I had killed the enemy general and my katana infantry killed 3 units! Sometimes when you kill a general it causes a mass rout. A unit routing near another allied unit drops that units morale. Kind of like a domino effect.


General sir how can a great General like you seriously ask what the point of Generals is are you serious sir


The direction or were the healthy men are standing and the direction the men are routin is important. Example if your general is routing infront of a group of healthy men a chain rout will occur the higher the rank the more moral ur whole army will lose. You can avoid this by moving your men to the enemies side or out of the way of incoming troops that are routing