What the heeeell. my maps




Ya your maps are as crappy as mine lol ur island is riddled with dark spots


Na ahhh…I worked out most of them! And I strive toward removing so players can have a smooth nice experience! You on the other hand…alps and rough terrain and shit…


But just to make sure ur talking shit I will have a walk through of the island map n smoothen out whatever needs to be smoothenrd…but I have been struggling with one spot though…ONE spot cent


Riddled Cent?! Really dawg??? Why you gotta lie to put my almost spotless map down?

Its like…one hill…RIDDLED???wtf Cent


Smooth as a newly shaved cunt! These are the only ones…in plain sight and avoidable! Why you gotta exaggerate!?!


The island map is a beautifull peace of work? I wish from all my heart that you could also make a nice map, because I enjoy your custom, but your maps kill the joy of playing to a certain extent…


Lol thats the beauty of playing maps that arnt urs in history foreign turrain is always rougher on those not accustomed to them but i don’t like those trap spots either wish there was a tool to take them out


Every map is unique in its own way and as players we’re always going to have different experiences even on the same map over and over. I like a little tough terrain and high mountains haha the more ugly a map may seem only means the more unique and realistic it seems in my opinion. Boring playing on the common maps anyone can make…a battle ground is dangerous and filled with the unknown so why not should our maps…


When making a map fist and foremost I find I have to think about it where the units spawn and it the area able to place all units including my opponents safe and organized…trying out different army sizes to estimate the need space and adjustments to the map…a proper army should have proper room to spawn…after that…it’s all about making a dangerous and real battle ground


Regarding “common maps anyone can make”, anyone can throw together a map with rough terrain in no time, a smooth one with both variation of topography, landscape, swell as a smooth surface for the units to move on (so one can apply all that topography and landscape in battle)…now that is the challenge!


That would definitely an interesting battle ground


I like my personal maps to based of cliff and mountain terrain…I want people to have to use the map and different views to attack or defend not always have a bird eye view…why I mainly place high structures and towers to block views and bring up self doubt…