Who wants to be trained by centurion titanium


I want to hold a training session with any1 wanting to learn i need at least 1 traine. And 1 opponent to fight agianst so when i get 2 volenteers ill post time and day or if u c me u can ask me to train u and i gladly will mountain centrol time is what i will go off of when i set time or u can let me know when u will b on and we can battle and i will train u on formation and concept just post ur name and time or what ur intested in spectate or battle


Wouldn’t mind being the opponent :moyai:


Ahhh i dont know if any thing u would be teaching us u would beat me so ima have to pass and play just about any other player thats not an elite player of ur caliber im still tryn to get my self good enough to beat the best of elite players consistently not to say i cant just not consistently i can teach better if i play a moderate.elite not someone i haven’t evn beat i think ur good enough to take mabe all my castles by the way i want a chance to reclaim it to post on my post i have reclaimed it


I use a phone and beat almost every player i play i think the most valuable determination of ur win or loss out come is knowing how 2 use multiple movement Feature and how to infintry fight with it and i agree about playn better players makes me better and i would play him in a heartbeat 4 fun or just a challenge but my training session isnt about tryn to win but rather expaining my techniques and how i use them so that others can understand techniques that are successful 4 me and use them as i do or customize it to fit them but i just want people 2 b better understand conceps of formation and timing so matches are tough and challeging making real nail bitters and me tryn to teach people well im getting my ass kicked makes no sense i know he’s better then me so i wouldnt wanna b texting playn him i need undivided attention 2 ply him but some 1 else i can text with no problem n still win u dont go n fight the best for a training session he’s what ur training 4 but join if u want u can be my opponant if u played me u know my skill


Mabe u can do it we won’t have an actual battle but u will simulate most rookie mastakes like spreadin army 2 far apart or leaving archers 2 exposed ill show my concept then i want to explain multiple movement Feature and how to infintry battle with it and if we get a few spectators 2v2 battle to teach concept further and the importance of keepn units 2gther and importance of using multiple movement Feature to attack with infintry and move while units r highlighted back n forth to lock on other units insted of manuely directing units which some times on touch screens doest always move when eneny is to close so multiple movement Feature is necessary to win infintry battle on touch screens


And let me know what time is good for u mountain central time


I’m usually on around 6pm -10 pm Pacific time


Any time sir


What is a good date n time is good 4 u


Ive seen u so when u see me we can have an individual battle i can show u wht i use