Why are spearmen so OP?


Recently while dabbling on custom mode I found out that spearmen were basically unmatched and couldn’t be defeated by any type of units but spearmen. I mean shouldn’t spearmen be beaten by Katanas? And Spear beat Cavalry? And cavalry beat Katana??


We’re they ashigaru or samurai? That has an effect on its moral and discipline spear men in a standard match is ashigaru and can be beaten by a katana charge from the front, samurai spears are unmatched from the front , however if you can disrupt there formation they fall apart with no trouble at all a samurai katana troop charging at a slight angle will allow swords to get into there ranks and destroy the formation


Spearmen are realy powerful defence unit , charging your male force at an army in a standard match I notice that spears rout very easily, they are not op , they are realistic , hit them from the rear with your swords spears or naginatas will result in that unit of spears routing very easily with little to know cassualtys


In a 1v1 in which you have spears vs non ranged melee units like katana, the spears will make contact with the enemy from a distance… holding them back. This is why you need to use your units wisely on the battlefield


katanas don’t have range at all against Yaris, it makes sense, all the pikemen have to do is thrust the spear forward.