Why doesn't anybody use multiple movement feature


Ths is the single most important feature of ths game double click then drag ball around ur units u wish 2 send then hold ur marked units and send them 2 any desired location or 2 enemy unit it will auto lock on all aproaching enemy keep in mind if u dont click on another unhighlighted unit after uve sent ur selected units it will disrupt ur previous selected multimovment command. So to clarify after u’ve selected and sent ur units u must click the ground to release multiple movement Feature then ur units will become unmarked and then u must click another 1 of ur unit 2 not disrupt the previous command when touching the screen. it is also good. 4 moving entire army when being charged.or u feel ur losing ur engagement its always good to move ur entire army in circles creating cunfusion and movement disrupting there attack then in all the movement if ur good at micro management u can turn the entire battle 2 ur favor get confortable using this feature and control ur army like a true battle commander be a formidable opponent 2 any player practice on controlling and sending units 2 attack inf and manuaver.army for ultimate stratigy Use all ur weapons and knowledge2 ur advantage a great player can defeat an enemy and cunning enouph to halt even the most advanced charge by manuauvering and stratigic place ment of projectile units while army is in moving


I must admit I don’t use it as much As I’d like … the reason why is that once you use the multi player movement feature you still need to double click the other troops you moved unison with for them to sprint

It would be nice if however many troops you tagged to move would all sprint
if you double clicked them to do so not just the first troop you started the multi player movement feature with


Realy i just highlight them and send them then click run n they all run the ones highlighted at least will run then u click ground then another unit to not disrupt previous command


Hmm yeah again I don’t even use the command bar at the bottom maybe I should try it out … I’m pretty fast without it but could use to my advantage once I master it I guess


Well u got an effective technique u dont realy need a change but new features add new ways to attack when beating people gets a little stagnant not that i thnk im the best but i found something that works multiple movement Feature made me 100 times better i like 2 attack wit small unit group. And c how many units i can kill the better the opponent the more i send n if its an elite i send the full army but makes things intresting